Hrvoje Jurić was born on 30 April 1986. As a second-year student he leaves his study of the Economy in order to dedicate himself to writing, what he has been doing since early childhood. His first cycling trip was in 2011, without any experience and professional equipment.

Since 2013 he has been collaborating with Giant Croatia, and since 2014 he has been their ambassador officially. His trip to Africa (January 2014) was only project that he didn’t use his bicycle

For the last five years he has been making his living out of cycling, writing travel stories and organizing trips for clients. He is a constant co-author of "Outdoors" and "Biker" magazines. We can say that he lives his dream, but is also aware that there is much more to learn.


  • 2017. “Together We Can/ London – Istanbul”
  • 2016. “By the Ice Road ‘till the End of the World"
  • 2015. "Together We Can"
  • 2014. "Break the Limits"
  • 2014. "Zambia"
  • 2013. "Over the Alps to Nordkapp"
  • 2012. "Over the Rainbow “
  • 2011. "Bic bike travelogue"