About the project

After 7 years of his professional carrier as an adventure cyclist, his long ride from London to Istanbul, cold and tough Norwegian winter and numerous rides around the Europe, Hrvoje is attempting his biggest adventure so far – around the world on e-bike in 100 days!

During three years, for how long Hrvoje was preparing for it, he divided the project into four parts and gathered a team of extraordinary people to help him make his dream come true. His main partner, Giant Bicycles, built him a very special model of Revolt E+, that has never before been introduced!

Through the entire trip, Hrvoje will have a support vehicle driven by Matija Pospihalj. Although his main occupation is filming, Matija is also the driver, chef, logistic assistant, contact person and more. Shortly, he will do anything to help Hrvoje be constantly on the road.

"Maybe I'll be the first person to cycle the globe on an e-bike, but for me, that's not the main focus in this project. I want to explore my limits, to see how weak I am and try to do my best to finish this ride as soon as possible. I was thinking that cycling through entire Norway in -20 degrees was "hell of a ride", but here I'm faced with something even more challenging. 300 case every day? Well, let's see if it's possible!"

August 2011
First bicycle trip without any experience, equipment, without a budget, just a "runaway" ride
September 2012
After cycling the Europe Hrvoje realized that would be interesting to set up this kind of trip on the entire world
February 2016
During winter time cycling in Norway, on the coldest day on the road (- 23 degrees) Hrvoje form his idea of cycling the world into an e-bike world tour
May 2016
The first shape of this project was born! Hrvoje and Siniša Glogoški made a draft named "E-bike World Tour" and presented to potential partners.
November 2016
Giant Bicycles start's to be interested to join the project
June 2017
Hrvoje and Siniša gather the team of 6 persons - logistic support, postproduction, crowdfund assistant...
September 2017
Departure of the "E-bike World Tour" set for April 15th!
January 2018
GoPro joined as a project supporter
February 2018
Departure prologue due to death of Hrvoje's mother
May 2018
Hrvoje thinking to quit the project, it was impossible to balance on logistic support, cycling training and meeting the potential partners
September 2018
Dr. Vince Marcel call Hrvoje on Skype to announce him personally that Infinity Bike Seat will support Hrvoje on his e-bike world tour project!
October 2018
Hrvoje meet's with Nikola Borić and Matija Pospihalj, who decided to join the project
November 2018
Marin Medak introduce the team with Adria Mobil
November 2018
Giant Bicycles decided to join the project as the main partner
December 2018
Working name of the project - Giant World Tour
January 2019
First info about the new bicycle, departure scheduled for June 1st
February 2019
Adria Mobil joined the project
March 2019
"Giant World Tour" project presented in Oslo
April 2019
All equipment and two Revolt E+ special edition bicycles prepared for delivery
May 2019
Departure scheduled for June 8th